ISA – Laura Borel


Congratulations to Laura Borel, winner of this week’s Inspired Service Award!

Laura received an external compliment from one of Rolland’s valued technician’s dispatchers that could not go unrecognized. Office Manager of South Texas Safe & Lock wrote to our principle stakeholder,

“I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that we are especially impressed with Laura Borel’s attentiveness and response time on Work Orders / PO’s, even if they originated from another tech. You should be very proud to have her as a representative of your company and know that from one service company to another, our people are oftentimes our best asset, keep up the good work!”

Days prior, Laura received a phone call from the office manager stating that she was hoping to receive a quick response on a few job quotes she had sent over and was in need of hardware to complete the job. Knowing the importance of maintaining strong relationships with all of the working parts of Rolland, Laura worked expediently to get the parts ordered and sent out for the technician and to approve the quotes.

Laura’s hard work over the years has not wavered and her outstanding service to our clients has been recognized multiple times during our Monday morning meetings .

When asked what motivates her to thrive in her workplace Laura stated that she only tries to give others the respect she would like to receive from them. She understands that Rolland offers high value products and our clients and vendors alike deserve a quality of service which reflects that. It is with this desire to serve, that motivates Laura to set her expectations for her output beyond just getting the job done. She strives to excel in the work that she does and enjoys the feeling of accomplishment she gets from doing that.

Laura stated that in her 2 years at Rolland she has noticed many changes occurring. The business structure at Rolland has evolved and improved its process to improve the customer experience and to increase productivity for it’s employees.

Outside of work, Laura has been working diligently to obtain her associates degree and will be graduating this coming December. With a new baby on the way, she hopes to continue on with her bachelors degree by fall of 2017 at UNT.

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and thank you again, Laura Borel, for all of your hard work and service!



Written by: Heather Haney

Date: 8/03/16


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