ISA – The Warehouse Prep Team


What happens when one special team works quickly and quietly at the forefront of increased demand without a single hiccup?  For one, they complete a record-breaking number of safe orders within one week. For two, they win the Inspired Service Award.

Congratulations to the Warehouse Prep Team, winners of this week’s ISA!

This dedicated team, made up by Ed Henderson, Shane Hickerson, Omart McDaniel, Jose Mendoza, and Robbie Yarbrough was nominated by the logistics team for the great work they did on the rollouts in addition to the regular orders. The team completed more than 100 safes within just one month, which meant on-time deliveries even with an influx of orders.

“The team is knocking out more rollouts as we speak,” said Sarah Gorder, one of the Logistics Coordinators. “Those guys are awesome!”

This team never fails to impress us. From start to finish, they work their very hardest on every project so that Rolland can make sure to satisfy our clients with quality and speed.

When asked what motivates the team, Omart said: “It’s about pleasing the customer, and helping the customer.”

“It’s about getting the job done,” Robbie added. “No big deal. Just another day on the prep team!”

“I like helping other people,” said Shane.

Our team is perfect for the job. Among the team, Ed is extremely fond of unique projects (he is currently building a boat!), which is perfect for his role in perfecting the safes.


In the team’s free time, you may find them watching sports over the weekend, or perhaps just trying to stay bundled up as warm as they can. They must be freezing from working in the warehouse in this weather!

We owe a huge thank you to the team that allows us to be the very best we can be

Congratulations Warehouse Prep Team!



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